Improve Your Running offers a unique opportunity to train under the influence and guidance of one of Britain’s best runners, Andy Vernon and his wife, Tasha. Andy has a vastly impressive array of personal bests from 800m to Half Marathon and achievements spanning road, cross country, indoor and outdoor track. Having been a world-class international runner since 2004 and with over 18 years of experience being one of the topped ranked runners in the country it’s fair to say you’ll be in safe hands. Tasha is a qualified personal trainer specialising in weight loss and pre & post natal training and a dietary analyser who is also a keen runner having represented England over cross country.

Improve Your Running offers three varying packages. Each package differs in what you receive and one is aimed specifically at women post child birth. The one thing that remains constant, however, is that you will receive a bespoke plan written to your individual requirements, training load, fitness level, injury status and lifestyle. This isn’t a “one size fits all” 12-week race preparation plan where you have to figure out your own efforts and paces to train at, within a generic session. This is a bespoke, individualised week-by-week training plan based on you.

The Running Package is suitable for all runners alike, whether you are a battle hardened park runner or avid marathoner looking to lose those extra minutes on the clock or just starting your running journey and need some professional advice on how to get through that 10K or Half Marathon you've just signed up to. ​

The New arrival of the Post Natal Package is extremely unique and unprecedented. This package is aimed solely at women post child birth who are looking to either start running for the first time or start back running again. With this package you get both the expertise of Andy's running & training knowledge mixed with Tasha's pre & post natal exercise knowledge along with her food diary analysis which is particularly important for women who are breastfeeding.