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I’ve had a lot of time on my hands over the past few weeks while getting to the bottom of the injury I’ve had (which incidentally still isn’t fully diagnosed). I will be getting a CT scan shortly to back up the MRI I had a couple of weeks ago as there is something that isn’t quite clear enough and needs to be seen in more detail. In the mean time, however, I’ve been acting on the diagnosis we do know and it won’t be too long before I can resume training.

So I’ve been making good and productive use of my time in trying to find new avenues of income that can be done along side my running that I can also take with me around the world when I’m at training camps and even while at races – particularly during the travelling aspects of racing which normally take 6-7 hours door to door.

Two things I’ve been working on are setting up a platform for coaching and learning to code for web design. Both of these are relatively easy and cheap to set up and only require a phone, laptop and an Internet connection.

You might remember that I had a part time job through 2013 and 2014 as a nanny to two wonderful families. That worked really well with my running as the work hours were: 3.15 (school pickup) to 7pm. I had time to do all my training, gym work, drills, get physio treatment, massage and anything else that needed doing in the morning, I had time to nap if I needed to and then my evening run was done at about 7.30pm. Although both families I worked with were very lenient and understanding with my race schedule and an April training camp, I didn’t have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, as it was obviously a job with set hours and a dedicated place to be. I knew this before starting though so it worked.

Hopefully these new options will allow me to have a guaranteed steady income and the freedom that is required with being an elite Athlete.

The coaching is aimed at everyday people to help improve their running ability and help them towards personal bests and stepping up distances –you may have looked at the website I’ve been posting my blogs to but if not, have a look around after reading this. As runners, close to the top end of the sport, we pick up so much knowledge in all parts of running such as the physiology, psychology, planning, periodization, the actual training and the specific outcomes different types of training sessions deliver that I feel we can help so many people run faster just by tweaking a few parts of their training. Most people I talk to who would be considered as “mass participation runners” really overcomplicate running and get too caught up on what their Garmin says and competing with other runners for Strava segments that they neglect to think of what training they actually need to do to improve. Others just don’t know what training they need to do which is where tapping into the knowledge of people like myself can really pay off.

Learning the web design stuff has been pretty fun to be honest. It’s amazing what you can learn on the Internet these days. I’ve mostly been learning the ins and outs of understanding html and CSS and been building websites purely through code in these formats. It’s kind of like the purest form of web design and you don’t get to see what you’re building until you refresh the page on the browser for the code to make a website instead of just words and sentences in different font sizes . Most people use Wordpress these days as it’s a lot easier to edit and update the website and most things like a Facebook or Instagram feed is installed via a pluggin you download rather than writing the code (basically the code is written for you for a lot of things) but I’d rather understand how it works first.

Hopefully I can make some use out of these new ventures and help other people achieve their goals and who knows, I might be setting myself up with something for life after running, but I do hope that is a few years away yet.

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