"I had been running for several years before contacting Andy, and although I was running well, I felt there was more    to come.

 Since receiving Andy's personalised coaching and support, I have surpassed my expectations, winning my age category at several local events, improving my technique, and bettering my times in all distances.

 Our weekly phone conversations are reassuring and keep me motivated whatever the week may hold."



"I  have been coached by Andy since August 2017, working with Andy had produced some fantastic results and having a structured weekly plan from an athlete with advanced knowledge of running has been an amazing experience. I am a 51 year old athlete who began running later in life with very little knowledge of the sport. Andy is always available for any advice and his Wife Tasha is available for nutrition advice. Working with Andy has been a life changing experience and I would highly recommend his services."



"I've been running for about 2 and a half years and have been working with Andy for the last 8 months.  My enjoyment of my running has been transformed and I'm running times I wouldn't have believed were possible in distances from Parkrun up to Half Marathon.  I'm really looking forward to working towards my spring Marathon and know Andy will help me hit my potential.  Andy is a great coach to work with, my weeks are set at just the right level of hard that I can consistently do all the sessions at the intensity set and keep making strong progress, whilst also not feeling like I'm fighting niggles and injuries.  Super supportive and great at helping you plan your running around work, your favourite gym class and the rest of life.  The weekly plans really help me not to stress about runs weeks and weeks away the way I could when I used 16 week plans off the internet; and when life happens (illness, family, work trips) its great to have that support on how to swap days and what to take out to stop me from trying to play catch up.  


In summary: I've never enjoyed my running more and I'm so made up with the progress I've made."


“Andy is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with.. I have been coached now for 7 months and improved considerably, alongside remaining strong despite increasing my weekly mileage significantly.  Andy is very receptive to your feedback, engages with you at every opportunity and provides a really clear plan of what you need to do to achieve your goals.  I really am looking forward to achieving all my goals in 2019”


 "have been running on a regular basis for the last 20 years, both on my own and with running clubs. I have previously signed up for on-line coaching, and had coaching from coaches within my local running club.


I can honestly say that since I started working with Andy just over a year ago I have learnt more and developed more as an athlete than in all of the previous 19 years.


There are many coaching resources available now, you can buy plans on-line, you can get personalised coaching plans from qualified personal trainers, but with Andy you are getting the knowledge, experience and advice of an Olympian. A man who has represented his country on numerous occasions. Obviously you get a personalised weekly plan, but the key benefit of working with Andy is the bits you pick up when speaking to him, understanding why you are doing a specific run, understanding for example how lots of steady running can help you build speed and fitness.


I have learnt how to grow, how to build mileage without getting injured, how to go from a 20mile a week runner to a 60 mile a week runner, when to run hard and when to take it steady. 


I am currently building towards Manchester marathon in April 2109, I feel fitter, faster and stronger than ever, in a recent hilly 5k race I was able to knock 2.30mins off my time compared to a year ago. I have also been injury free for over a year."